Terra Science Show: Would you rather...?

Get ready for dynamic demonstrations and hilarious experiments at the most exciting science show in town!

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The Game Show To End ALL Game Shows! Are You Game?

Can you make difficult decisions in hopes of saving planet Earth? Join us in "Would You Rather”, an interactive, action-packed game show where the host will provide students with a series of hard-hitting questions with no right answers. Instead, students will be introduced to pressing environmental issues, worst-case scenarios and – using dynamic demonstrations and hilarious scientific experiments– practical solutions to help them make life-changing choices about their wardrobe and lifestyle that will determine the future of our planet!


Mon - Fri

Closed on weekends


45 min


AED 30 per student (Incl. VAT)

Recommended age



Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion, Sustainability District


  • Family-friendly
  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Water
  • Climate
  • Science

Learning Outcomes

During this show, students will understand...

  • That we benefit from living in a rich and diverse world

  • That many of the world's resources are finite

  • That many aspects of our day-to-day lives impact the global environment

    • That the day-to-day decisions we make affect how and to what extent our lifestyle impacts the environment
    • There are no right or wrong answers, but we can all choose to make the environment something we consider in our day-to-day decisions

Audiences will be inspired to…

  • Think more consciously about the choices they make in their own lifestyles
  • Make more environmentally-friendly decisions about their lives


Located in the Sustainability District, between Sidr and Mangrove Avenue