Change the Story

Discover the power of storytelling in shifting perceptions and creating a more balanced world.

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Ever noticed a pattern in folk tales around women’s roles?

In this workshop, students will work in small groups to reflect on the gender biases and stereotypes seen in many classic folk tales and popular narratives; they will also get the opportunity to modernise the tales and rewrite the story in a manner that gives female characters the chance to choose a different future for themselves. And since no story is complete without a movie deal, each group will get to pitch their updated version to the workshop presenter/ film executive.


Mon - Fri


90 min


AED 700 (Incl. VAT) per school group (15 to 30 students)

Recommended age

15 - 18


Women’s Pavilion, Sustainability District


  • Education
  • Culture
  • Workshops
  • History


Located in the Sustainability District, on Ghaf Avenue, the Women's Pavilion is where meaningful discussions take place to support women's vision in shaping society.