Diving for treasure

Let’s go on an adventure in search of wonderful stories and beautiful pearls

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How Far Can Your Imagination Take You Under The Sea?

In this immersive workshop, students will meet Abdullah, a lively puppet, who will share his adventures as a pearl diver and take our young audience on a journey in search of treasure. Through a series of games and funny interactions, Abdullah’s story will have students dive into the imaginary sea, where they will go on their own adventure in search of precious pearls while learning all about pearling and its historical connection to the UAE.


Mon - Fri


45 min


AED 700 (Incl. VAT) per school group (15 to 30 students)

Recommended age

4 - 8


Vision Pavilion, Sustainability District


  • Family-friendly
  • Education
  • Water
  • Culture
  • Workshops
  • History

Learning Objectives

Through this workshop, students will understand...

  • The pearl trade was an important part of Dubai’s early development.
  • The pearls around Dubai and the UAE were among the best in the world and highly prized.
  • Being a pearl diver was hard work and could be dangerous.
  • Pearl divers were often at sea for long periods of time.
  • That pearl diving is an important part of Emirati culture and heritage.
  • That pearls had different values based on their size, shape and colouring.

Students will feel...

  • Proud of Dubai’s history and natural environments.
  • Curious to learn more about pearling in Dubai.
  • Encouraged to explore the pavilion.


Located in the Sustainability District, on Ghaf Avenue, the Women's Pavilion is where meaningful discussions take place to support women's vision in shaping society.

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