Learn everything there is to know about water and the different filtration systems needed to clean it and preserve it.

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Think you know everything there is to know about water?

Waterworks explores the importance of water and the need to conserve it, particularly in water-scarce regions like the UAE. It also introduces children to the different ways they can filter water to recycle it and maximize its use, in the context of Terra’s own innovative water systems.


Mon - Fri


45 min


AED 700 (Incl. VAT) per school group (15 to 30 students)

Recommended age

7 - 12


Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion, Sustainability District


  • Family-friendly
  • Innovation
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Water
  • Climate
  • Workshops
  • Science

Learning Objectives

This workshop will help students understand...

  • The importance of water, especially in water-scarce regions like the UAE.
  • How and why Expo City aims to achieve net zero water consumption across the city.
  • The idea of a closed-loop system where resources are reused again and again.
  • How filtration works to treat water and make it viable for reuse.
  • How to test filter materials and build a layered filter.
  • The importance of repeating experiments to get an average result.

Students will feel…

  • More aware of how they use water day to day and encouraged to be less wasteful with water.
  • Inspired by the Expo’s water conservation aims.
  • Excited to visit Terra’s reed bed system.


Located in the Sustainability District, between Sidr and Mangrove Avenue


Check out some of our learning resources to help you plan your visit better.
download ZIP: WaterWorks Activity - Primary, 4.7 MB
download ZIP: Sustainable Architecture- Terra Water Activity - High school, 2.7 MB

Frequently Asked Questions

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