Would You Rather?

Get ready for dynamic demonstrations and hilarious experiments at the most exciting science show in town!

Would You Rather?
About the Show

Ready for tough choices to save Earth?

Would you rather have clean air or clear water? Save Earth or escape to Mars? There’s no wrong or right answer in this action-packed game show. Instead, using dynamic demonstrations and hilarious scientific experiments, students will be introduced to pressing environmental issues, worst-case scenarios and practical solutions to help them make life-changing choices about their wardrobe and lifestyle that will determine the future of our planet!


Mon - Thu


45 min


9:00 | 10:00 | 11:00

Recommended Age

8 - 15


Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion

Package options

  • Max 30 students

  • Includes an engaging science show and an exciting tour of our pavilions!

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Full Package

AED 1300 per school group

Show Package

AED 750 per school group

Learning Objectives

This performance will help students

  • Evaluate real-life decisions to be environmentally- friendly
  • Reflect more consciously about the choices they make in their lifestyles
  • Identify the benefits of living in a rich diverse world yet with finite resources


Located in the Sustainability District, between Sidr and Mangrove Avenue

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