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Tips for Visiting

Lunch time!

Our attractions have limited indoor lunch areas and we will do our best to accommodate you and your school group whenever possible.

Travel light

To enjoy Expo City Dubai, you only need a light backpack, snack or lunch, refillable water bottle and some excitement!

Explore responsibly

No matter how well you think you know the Expo site, please stay with your group at all times and always keep walking distances and weather conditions in mind.

Be on time!

Plan to reach Expo City Dubai 30 minutes before your first scheduled programme so you don’t miss any of your planned activities.

Plan your visit

Getting here on a school bus

Arrival and departure

The arrival and departure of school buses have been carefully planned with dedicated bus-drop off, pick-up, and parking spaces for schools, to ensure safe and seamless operations.

During warmer weather

School groups will be shuttled to and from the entrances of the attractions in trains and/or buggies.

Dedicated zones

Each district in Expo City Dubai has a dedicated zone for the drop-off and pick-up of pre-booked school visits. Once your booking is confirmed, we will share detailed directions to support you in reaching your designated zone easily and seamlessly.

Drop off distance from attraction

Your school bus’ drop-off and pick-up areas will be close to your booked attraction so your school group walks an average of 7-10 minutes only.

When you are ready to leave

One of the accompanying adults in charge of the school group will need to contact the bus driver fifteen minutes before the group is ready to leave the site.



Enhanced mobility and accessibility measures have been implemented across the Expo City site to ensure People of Determination have full access to the different attractions.


Wheelchairs are free of charge for People of Determination visiting Expo City Dubai as part of a pre-booked school visit. Please inform one of our representatives about any wheelchairs and other mobility services your group might require. "

Book this workshop for your school group