Next Gen World Majlis

Empowering UAE’s students to drive global conversations on vital topics that shape our future.

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Fostering Global Conversations

Students from across the UAE join us for a stimulating programme supported by industry experts who equip students with essential training and insights to tackle crucial global issues. In this dynamic environment, participants are encouraged to engage in thought-provoking conversations, voice their ideas, and contribute their unique perspectives towards a collective mission of improving our world.

How it works

Next Gen World Majlis consists of four insightful rounds designed to educate and empower students on the topic, developing their essential skills in teamwork, public speaking, and communication.

Round 1 – Climate Change Presentation:

Students will be invited to attend a session all about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with an industry leader from the UN, after which they will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A, followed by a short quiz. The top 20 participants will move forward to the next round, based on their participation, quiz responses, as well as their initial audio submission.

Round 2 - Expert Insights:

This round is divided into two parts. In the first part, students delve deeper into the topic with the support of experts in related fields. The second part consists of an exciting climate-fresk for students to participate in. The top 10 students will be chosen based on their active involvement in the session’s collaborative tasks.

Round 3 - Media Training and Mock Majlis:

The third-round centres on media training to learn how to listen and respond to difficult questions in a mock Next Gen World Majlis. Out of the 10 students, the top four will be selected based on their performance in the across all rounds to partake in the final Next Gen World Majlis.

Round 4 - NGWM:

Our finalists apply what they’ve learned in previous rounds and engage in an hour-long moderated discussion on the topic in front of a diverse audience, including peers, academics, and industry experts.

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For our first edition of Next Gen World Majlis, we’ll be taking a closer look at COP28, and the complex challenges posed by climate change. Through engaging discussions led by industry experts and insightful reflections voiced at Next Gen World Majlis during COP28, students will focus on the global impact of this urgent issue, foster collaboration to mitigate its effects, and gain skills in critical thinking and proposing efficient solutions.