A Place to Live: Hani the Hermit Crab

Let’s go an adventure to learn about sea creatures and their habitats under the sea.

A Place to Live: Hani the Hermit Crab
About the workshop

Ever wonder how you can save marine life?

Would you like to share a shell with a hermit crab? During this interactive workshop, students will explore the impact of ocean pollutants on marine habitats like that of hermit crabs through the Hani the Hermit Crab’s struggle to find a perfect shell. Once students become aware of the different challenges Hani is facing, they will step in to build a new home for their new friend.


Mon - Thu


9:00 | 10:00 | 11:00


45 mins

Recommended Age

4 to 6


Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion

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Learning Objectives

This workshop will help students to:

  • Identify the impact of ocean pollution on marine life
  • Create visual scenes to show an ideal habitat to support hermit crabs
  • Demonstarte teamwork and collaboration skills through hands-on activities


Located in the Sustainability District, between Sidr and Mangrove Avenue

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