Net Zero Water - Coming in Jan 2024

Dive into the world of net zero water consultants and explore Terra’s systems for sustainable water management.

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About the workshop

Can there be enough water for everyone?

In this live-action case study workshop, students will take on the role of net zero water consultants. They will get the chance to see these systems up close and learn more about how they function in the real world. They will also and calculate Terra’s net zero water balance using a live building systems dashboard.


Mon - Thu


9:00 | 10:00 | 11:00


90 mins

Recommended Age

14 to 18


Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion

Package options

  • Max 30 students
  • Includes an engaging science show and an exciting tour of our pavilions!
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AED 1,900 per school group


AED 1,350 per school group

Learning Objectives

This workshop will help students

  • Understand the concept of net zero water and the role it plays in a building’s operations.
  • Examine sustainable water situations and practices around the world and the UAE.
  • Implement new habits in their water consumption to reduce water wastage.


Located in the Sustainability District, between Sidr and Mangrove Avenue

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